Choreography Bootcamps

For ADVANCED dancers, there is an opportunity to Learn a choreography in 2-3 days and perform on the stage with World-Renowned Instructors;

Karel Flores (Ladies Styling), Fernando Sosa (Tropical Gem Style)

Mistura Movement (Kizomba), Keskya & Gatica (Bachata)

These bootcamps are prepared for advanced dancers and performers. Performance will take place on Sunday night in front of 2000 audience coming from all over the World.

To register the Bootcamp, send an e-mail to or text +905543324552

Karel Flores/(Ladies Styling) (10 Hours):150€

Fernando Sosa/(Tropical Gem Style) (10 Hours): 150€

Mistura Movement/(Kizomba) (8 Hours): 100€

Keskya & Gatica/(Bachata) (3 Hours) /50€